General Rates

Packages and Savings

Most of our work is performed as projects or in packages with package rates and often at significant savings.

Rates are really great
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Package Minimums

  • Our package prices usually are in the $2000 base range
  • Additional rates fall into the $2000-3000/”day part” range
    • Day Part is a maximum of 8 hour segment, with a min. 1 hour

Hourly Rates and Expenses

  • Experts and Board Certified Staff
    • Standard Hourly rate $400/hr for single hour work for expert
    • Team Hourly rate is $500/hr for single hour
  • Regular Staff and consultants
    • Rates vary depending on service provided
    • Admin: $100/hr, Specialists $200-400/hr as needed
  • Expenses are passed on to client with a minimum 20% markup

Investigation Division

Standard Working Rates – Corporate and legal

We typically work on State, Federal and Corporate cases. These often run in the $10k to $250k ranges depending on complexity and needed resources.

Health Division

Standard Personal Rates – Individual

With areas of coaching, personal hypnosis, meditation and other personal services of health and self-improvement. Our rates are still packaged based but often fall in the $500 to $2,000 range.