Mind and Body

Science based transformation and investigation

Health Division

Our health division provides primary and complementary health services to individuals, corporations, state and federal government.


You deserve to be taken care of by board or nationally certified and recognized practitioners who can provide the knowledge and tools that best suit your needs.


Our primary office is a small location in Woodbine, MD but we provide tele-health to those in need all around the world 24 x 7 (as such practitioners are available). If you have a computer or phone, then we can get you help.

Military and Corporate


We both welcome referrals from doctors, hospitals, employers, businesses and even friends of our prior or existing care receivers.

Insurance and Rates

We do have some arrangements with insurers, however, most of our work falls outside of types of work covered by policies and our rates are often above what insurance coverage would pay. In many cases, we will look for direct pay.

Investigation Division


Our investigation division includes licensed investigators, scientists, forensic teams and other areas that often may tie closely with our specialized knowledge in mind and body interactions.

Certifications and Licenses

Our staff has licensed investigators, certification in micro-expressions and deception, forensic details at state, federal and international levels.


Trauma work often branches into both legal work as well as healing work and our team approach can have significant results in ways no other single organization can.